Rider Biomechanics and Horse movement.

  • Have you ever noticed that when you start in on a new direction or a new learning experience, then all of a sudden you are seeing information on it everywhere, I have been looking at riders position in relation to what it does to the horse. In doing so I have found that there are multiple videos on YouTube and discussions with riding friends, as well as on Facebook streams.

  • The more I watch shows, videos or lessons with other people unfortunately the more critical I get with my own riding.

  • I am just starting to understand how my being out of balance, affects so much in both bodies. I am fortunate that my mentors and trainers are able to see and help with what needs to be done. Unfortunately not everyone controls their body well enough to be able to make the corrections easily. Our horses may protest but all in all they do as they always do. Learn to live with it. It is up to us to make it easier for both. Every body type has its challenges, as well as age and training. Not every ride will be perfect and not everyone is able to “feel” the horse and their bodies movements easily. It is hard and something that needs to be worked on constantly.

  • Many years ago when I was jumping, everything taught was heals down and to go up into two point, nothing was ever taught in regards to keeping the heels flexible but somehow we learned to keep the seat balanced and be light in the saddle. Hands did a crest release and you keep your hands light [probably showing my age here]

  • I guess part of this is me watching others and the never ending debate in my head, about light seat forward seat and basic seat, I see a lot of people doing today.

  • I am trying to figure out when the forward seat and the light seat meant that you were out of the saddle and standing in your stirrups.

  • To me that just throws your weight forward, it has you bouncing and unbalanced, and all of your weight on the horses forehand. Your hands are pulling back on the horses mouth to balance yourself. Your legs go forward or backwards depending on the movement of the horse. The flexibility in the riders pelvic joints and the ability to balance both horse and rider properly is not there in many of the rides i see. What happened to being able to stabilize yourself in the saddle. Why do we tend to ride on top of the horse and not with the horse?

  • The ability