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Equine Solutions NL
In Hand Equine Therapy

Thirza Hendriks

Owner and trainer at Classical Horse training.  Her on-line program is on all aspects of ensuring the horse is able to functional move.  She organizes and works with Equine Studies to put on webinars and other classes, including Master Classes and dissections. 

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Zefanja Vermeulen

Zenfanja has been working on understanding the horse and has studied and mentored with one of the best in the world, Sharon May Davis.  She works and teaches everything from anatomy, biomechanics, equine taping, to dissections. 

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Tamara Dorresteijn

Tamara teaches Brainwork for horses, Passive Physio and works tirelessly with Zefanja for Equine Studies.  She is doing research on the Equine brain and takes the most incredible photos.


In Hand Equine Therapy

Tina Watkins EST EEBW3 and Kim Krebs EST EEBW have created an education/collaboration/mentoring system here in Alberta that encourages information and professional services working together for the better treatment of our horses.  They present seminars (PODS) that bring together bodyworkers, light workers, farriers, vetenarians, and others to understand various issues being seen.  They also now present owner classes as well.  


Mentor 3

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I have been studying and working on my own horses with Thirza Hendricks of Classical Horse Training since 2017, when I went over to the Netherlands to participate in a workshop that she was putting on, with Kim Steutel from Straightness Training.

Thirza has me going on the most unbelievable journey of my life. From an incredible week of discovery to a thirst of knowledge on  how to deal with my horses issues, To learning about biomechanics, anatomy, passive physio and dissections.  

Other Links with people I have found extremely useful to use as reference and interesting readings

The Equine Documentalist

Equichanics -Tina Fitzgibbons

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